Wednesday, September 22, 2004

And Then It Was Two

Yes, the Giants and Padres did their jobs last night. And Baseball Tonight's crew echoed Ivy Chat yesterday when Peter Gammons said, in nearly so many words, the Dodgers won't make it to the playoffs because their starting pitching stinks.

And all this can only help the Cubs.

The Cubs, with their win last night, now climb to within two games of the Dodgers. And the Dodgers try to throw Brad Penny tonight against Jake (12-6) Peavy. Oswalt takes the bump for the Astros against 23-year-old Noah Lowry. Lowry happens to have a +4 ERA, but is also 5-0. Wins by the Cubs and Giants tonight, coupled with a Padre win, and it’s bell-tolling time for the Astros.

But the Cubs have to win. How wonderful was it to see Sammy Sosa loaf to first and then try to make it to second only to get thrown out? It's even more wonderful when you realize he was thrown out by a perfect throw to the cutoff man. Were you watching Sammy?

Then, there’s this page’s favorite: Corey Patterson. Check Paul Sullivan’s lead in today’s Trib.

Corey Patterson made no apologies Tuesday night at PNC Park after misplaying Bobby Hill's line drive into a triple with an ill-advised diving attempt in the seventh inning.

"That's the way I play," Patterson said. "That's who I am."

You play badly.

Look for Ryan Dempster to get more save opportunities and for LaTroy to go back to a setup role. Great stat last night - Hawkins is 2-7 in converting 1 run save situations.

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