Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The Bright Side

If the Cubs do choke one off and blow this season in the next 5 days, there may be a huge upside. No repeat of 1999.

Now, I don't think Jim Hendry is as stupid as Ed Lynch was. But a win might convince Hendry to bring some of these mopes back who don't deserve new contracts. And he might trade others whose shortcomings are better exposed in the harsh lights of failure rather than the soft glow of success.

Those names on the contract end include Moises Alou, Matt Clement, Mark Grudzielanek, Kent Mercker, and Paul Bako.

On the trade side, there's Mike Remlinger (makes more money than LaTroy Hawkins), Kyle Farnsworth, Sammy Sosa and Korey Patterson.

A loss and quite a few more of these guys won't be back in 2005 than will be back if they win.

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