Sunday, September 19, 2004

Can They Still Blow It? Yasser!

That game from Saturday sure makes you wonder about this team. They seem to have things in hand and it falls apart. 4-1 with Maddux on the mound should be Nicolette Sheridan sure. Yet they continue to never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity, to use a common phrase.

Regardless, the biggest September test comes Monday. A sweep of the Marlins, and even I may see saw back to thinking the Cubs make the playoffs. The reverse? That should put Houston and San Fran in the driver’s seat. The Cubs still maintain a loss column advantage. They can’t blow that advantage.

A huge win for the Bears today. Beyond loving to see the Fudgies to the North get smacked, this win may actually stimulate conversation about the team. Dunno about where everyone else is, but in my office of 10 or so workers, NFL talk is limited to contracts the league has with some of our customers. Baseball talk is heard rather often. I expect that to change in the AM.

My boss' first words to me this morning were, "Good morning.... Da' Bears!"

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