Thursday, September 23, 2004

Dumb and Dumberer: When Lloyd Talked About Sammy

On ESPN Radio this morning, Mike & Mike brought up the topic of Sammy’s lack of hustle and effort on his hop-and-watch single that ended with him being thrown out at second. Sosa was quoted by Mike & Mike (and in the Suntimes) as saying afterwards, "I have been doing that a lot of years and I'm not changing now," he said. "Why should I change, because of this happening one time? The ball just missed being a homer and it came off the wall just right for the outfielder. It shouldn't have been that big a deal because we won the game."

Sosa is dead wrong here. It’s a big deal because you probably cost your team at least one run.

What’s better is the call that Mike & Mike took at about 6:50 AM Chicago time. Some dope named Lloyd called up to DEFEND SOSA! Lloyd told me, via the radio, that every Cubs fan loves the hop. Every Cubs fan loves Sammy. Lloyd told me that Sammy does what he always does and that because we love him, we should cut him some slack.

Here’s a news flash for you, Lloyd. First, I don’t love Sammy. I never really did love him or his showboating act. And, while I don’t mind the hop, I don’t love that either. But mostly, I don’t give slack to a player who screws up and then sloughs it off as no big deal. That’s what asswipe politicians do. I spent some time last summer using Sammy’s cheating incident to teach my oldest boy that cheating means you get punished. You take responsibility for your actions. Sammy doesn’t do that. And therefore, he’s a loathsome individual who is not deserving of my respect. That also goes for idiotic Cubs fans who have the gall to tell the rest of the world how I feel, Lloyd.

If anyone knows Lloyd, please direct him to this site so that he may know what a dumbass he is.

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