Thursday, September 09, 2004

Early Times

While we all could use a good drink right about now, I'll let others comment on last night. What I want to talk about is this article.

So Sammy thinks he's above the team and can leave early? That's cool. I mean, according to MapQuest, it's 5.0 miles from 1060 West Addision to 505 North Lake Shore Drive (Lake Point Towers). Traffic on Lake Shore Drive can be brutal at 9:00 in the evening. And the entrance to LSD at Irving Park? You can get tied up in that for 8 whole minutes! I know, Belmont has an entrance, too. But the lights over there are crazy and the southbound ramp is confusing.

I really only have one question. If Sosa can leave his team early in the heat of a playoff drive, can the Cubs release him early from his contract?

Loathsome, I tell, ya. Loathsome.

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