Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Maybe a Cookie Instead

The George Halas monument is up at Soldier Field. It's bascially a timeline showing many of the Bears Hall of Fame players. Included are Bronko Nagurski, Red Grange, Sid Luckman, Bill George, Gale Sayers, Dick Butkus, Walter Payton and Mike Singletary.

No Mike Ditka.

Why? Plenty of bad blood between the McCaskey Clan and Ditka and McCaskey doesn't want any part of Ditka in his publicly funded stadium. Why, just last year on Monday Night Football, Ditka said of Mike McCaskey, "I was fired by a guy who told me that I had the job for 20 years if I wanted it. So when people lie to you..." When people say stuff like this, why should Mike and his family use some of their $450 million in taxpayer money to showcase such a person?

How can this personal spite be rectified? Here’s a suggestion. Someone should make a bunch of removable decals with Ditka’s face on them and pass them out to fans at Bears’ games. Everyone who goes to Soldier Field should apply the non-permanent decal to the statue in a spot where it doesn’t cover the face of any of the other players that are immortalized there.

Ditka gets on the statue. McCaskey et al are embarrassed and there is no permanent damage done to the monument.


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