Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The Next Six

Projected starters and uneducated handicaps at outcomes:

Astros at San Francisco
L Hernandez vs. Tomko
W Oswalt vs. Lowry
L Backe vs. Schmidt

Astros at Milwaukee
L Munro vs. Davis
W Clemens vs. De LaRosa
W Hernandez vs. Santos

San Francisco hosts Houston
W Hernandez vs. Tomko
L Oswalt vs. Lowry
W Backe vs. Schmidt

San Francisco hosts Los Angeles
W Rueter vs. Perez
W Hennessey vs. Jackson
L Tomko vs. Weaver

That would leave the Astros with 70 losses and the Giants with 68. The Cubs, today, have 66 losses.

What the Cubs need to do:

Cubs at Pittsburgh:
W Wood vs. Fogg
W Zambrano vs. Perez
W Maddux vs. Van Benschoten

Cubs at Mets:
L Rusch vs. Benson
W Prior vs. Heilman
W Wood vs. Leiter

That would put the Cubs at 67 losses with 7 to play. And one up in the loss column.

This is what they have to do for blowing off a game against David Weathers. Did I just type that? David Weathers. Yeah, I did.

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