Sunday, September 05, 2004

Nip This, Bud

So the Cubs will make up the stormed out series with Florida by playing four games in Chicago this week and 2 in Miami in late September. Fine. What I want to know is: Why does Florida get to be the "home" team for one of the games in Chicago?

I know the game was scheduled to be in Florida and they deserve another home game. But there is precedent for the Marlins to lose the last at bat advantage. And the precedent was set this year. Back in May, the Expos-Giants game was rained out in San Juan. The game was made up as part of a double header on August 18th at Pac Bell (whatever). And the Expos batted first in both games.

Now why would the Expos be unable to get a home game in San Fran, yet the Marlins can in Chicago?

Easy. The Expos are owned by MLB. They have no one to complain. And the league doesn't want them to win. The Marlins are the defending champs, have a viable ownership, and have players that would make for a draw come playoff time.

This is crap. If the Expos get a road game in San Fran, the Marlins get a road game in Chicago. If the Marlins want to avoid this in the future? Move to Portland and get a dome.

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