Monday, September 20, 2004

No More Praise

Every time you bash #20's play, Corey shows you up. Everytime you start to praise the Cubs wearing #20, Corey goes away and his evil twin Korey takes over. How else to explain it? On August 23rd, this page wrote its "Korey is Dead, Long Live Corey" post praising the guy. Three days later, his average peaked. It's been a tailspin ever since.

From August 27th on, a span of 92 plate appearances, Korey has hit .186 with a .239 OBP, and slugged .395 (.634 OPS if you want to skip the addition).

Sorry, Sloth. This kid is not going to be a player. He'll keep tricking you and tricking you into thinking he's good. While that happens, Carlos Beltran will be an Angel or a Yankee. And Cubs' fans will be stuck with a fast Rob Deer.

And just in case, I'm going to stay negative on him. Maybe it'll be motivating.

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