Monday, September 13, 2004


It just figures, doesn’t it? Chicago is finally home to the World Series champions and not only does the team play in US Cellular, but they beat the Cubs to get that championship.

Kudos to Rex Grossman for saying that he screwed up. How refreshing to see someone actually accept blame for something they did wrong. Can this guy run for President?

While I missed most of the Cubs’ and Bears’ games yesterday hosting 35 kids for a combined 5th and 2nd birthday party, I was kept up to date by one of the party site’s employees with her walkman on. At one point, I asked her if it was still 4-0 Marlins. She said that it was now 7-0. I retorted, "At least Alou only cost them one run." She smiled and said that it was two and that he did another "Over the Rainbow” throw. "I can’t wait to get rid of this bum," I replied. She gave me a dirty look. "I love Alou! See? He autographed my hat!" Sure enough, he had. She then went on for a minute telling me how she wants to keep Alou for next year because he’s "great." And this woman is responsible for the care of little children.

Stat of the Week: Over the last 5 days, the Cubs have scored 2 runs against starting pitchers who have minor league experience above Class A.

So the Cubs got a split. Not what they needed to do. Especially when the Marlins gave you game 2 of the double header by starting a high schooler. The two Sans (Fran and Diego) did as expected (2-1). Houston did worse (1-2). Basically, they got little help from the rest of the league. Well, when you control your own destiny, you needn’t worry about help from the rest of the league. Unless you are the 2004 Cubs.

Looking forward, the Cubs get Pittsburgh whom just beat the Astros. Florida gets the Expos who just beat the Cubs. San Fran goes to Milwaukee who started the Cubs on their post-All Star Break slide. Houston goes to St. Louis who dismantled the Cubs. St. Louis can also clinch the division if the Cubs cooperate. San Diego gets the Dodgers. It’s starting to get to sweep time for the Cubs to be anything more than just a playoff pipedream. If it wasn’t clear before, I’m officially on record as saying they won’t make it.

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