Thursday, September 02, 2004

The report of my death was an exaggeration

Yes, Korey is alive and well. Four more whiffs last night and an oh-fer streak going back to his second at bat against Houston. For those of you unwilling to look up the stats, it's 0 for 17 with 6 strikeouts and no walks.

When this happens to your leadoff hitter, you don't score a lot of runs. When you add in a hurting Nomar Garciapara, a hurting Aramis Ramirez, a cratering Sammy Sosa, and a Moises Alou who disappears from the basepaths so often that David Copperfield was seen asking Alou for tips, you end up with a team in a huge mess-o-trouble.

That said, they won 2 of 3 in Montreal. Which is the minimum they needed to do. Doesn't this team always seem to be doing the minimum? I guess it's too late in the year to expect them to start hurting people.

Ah well. Off to Arlington today. Any pony advice? Send in your tips. If they win, I'll share the good fortune!

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