Thursday, September 02, 2004

Self Promoting Pompous Arrogant Son-of-a...

Ya' gotta love when a little on-line diary gets more attention than it deserves. And when it gets personal? Whee!!!!

First, a few points to the defense. I don't imagine this is an, "under-read gem of a site." In fact, I'm shocked I get read at all by anyone. For my ego to consider it under read, I'd first have to think it was... uh... good. This site lacks decent writing, witty use of metaphors, and decent spelling, to say the least. I'd say there are a dozen better written, funnier, more insightful places to read Cubs' stuff than here.

And do I post elsewhere to raise my profile? No. In fact, the only reason I use my real name and links to this site when I post elsewhere is so that others can see all my opinions, should they care to (or to assist in the fight against insomnia). I don't hide behind false IDs and say multiple things to cover my ass. Call me stupid, call me wrong. But if you want to call me a hypocrite, at least you can use my own words against me.

Second, asking someone to back up a statement they made with their reasoning behind said statement is not "rhetorical."

Third, leave my family out of this. Especially when you don't know my wife's story.

Now, the response to the answer received to the "rhetorical" question posed: The Cubs can go 20-10, well, 19-10 now, the rest of the way because they went 19-8 last year against a similarly weak schedule with a "less talented team."

That's just so wrong it defies the usual logic espoused by that author (which is why he's a regular read). This team is better in areas than last year, yes. But worse in others. The better is Maddux, Zambrano, Lee, Barrett. On the worse: Sosa, Patterson, Alou, Prior, the whole bullpen. Then add in that Nomar and Ramirez are playing hurt. Wood has pitched sporadically, ranging from Zeus-from-Texas good to Nuke LaLoosh's first start wildly bad.

Then, you see all the self-created distractions this team has. Calling the press box during a game? Four pitchers suspended? Mark Prior, Mr. Cool, praying to an ump after a bad call?

Lastly. The writer posed this question: Why does everybody expect this to be easy? We don't. But the writer did.

June 1: The National League had two full months to bury the Cubs and leave them for dead. They didn't do it. The Cubs wouldn't let them. So guess what? They get to deal with the Cubs for the next four months.

But the better line was higher up, same day:
The Cubs did nothing wrong in the offseason, and this team is loaded. The projected opening day roster for the Cubs is the best team in the National League. We have yet to actually see it on the field, and it's frustrating.

Well, guess what. We see it on the field now. And it's more talented now than on June 1.

And it's more frustrating now because it's not playing up to specs.

It's still running into outs. And striking out 4 times at leadoff. And fading into oblivion in right field. And not pitching like it should. And has seen the bullpen go from mediocre to bad.

This team may win, they may not. But to jump down my throat, on my FAMILY, and have illogic back the statement you make? From a person usually witty, smart and even logical?

Let's just chalk it up to a bad day. I won't make any guesses about what may be bothering others at their home.

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