Friday, September 17, 2004


Over at the Sloth’s site, we’ve been having a mutual drooling society over HJP’s. That brought up Joyce Hyser, star of 1985’s “Just One of the Guys” (aka Tootsie for High School Kids). Joyce is pushing 50 now and appears to have aged decently. Certainly her cohorts in crime are aged, but decent (that would be Annabella Sciorra and Rosanna Arquette along side).

The conversation digressed into a run down of "Where Are They Now" from that flick. What most people forget is that the best looking babe in that movie was Sandy, the girl who was hitting on Joyce while Joyce was all "Karate Kidded" up.

Now, back then Sherilyn Fenn was just 20 years old. Two Moon Junction and Twin Peaks were in her future. So was her time as a Playboy bunny and as a featured layout in the magazine. She was boxed in Boxing Helena after Kim Bassinger pulled out. And I’m sure there was some biographical mix in Rude Awakening, her Showtime series. Today, she’s still working and has a new film coming out that pairs her with that star-of-stars Casper Van Dien.

Well, her career may have gone off the deep end, but this Michigan girl still does some cockle warming for this Chicago guy.

No Woody

I’m sorry, but if Kerry Wood continues to pitch like he did last night, not only won’t the Cubs win anything, but his contract will turn into an albatross. This guy gets #1 money and has a reputation as a #1. In reality, he’s so prone to Ankiel Innings that he can take a team right out of a game.

Anybody other than the Reds and that game is a loss.

That said, the double play he started is a "Play of the Year" were George Michael’s Sports Machine still operating.

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