Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Two Headed

Everytime you think you have this guy figured out, he screws you right back up. Corey Patterson is having another one of his brutal months. He usually does this following an outstanding month. Before last night, Korey had an OBP of .275 in September with a .722 OPS. That compares to .388/.993 in August. His strikeouts were up dramatically and his walk rate dropped to that of a bank savings account.

Then, Corey shows up and saves the Cubs' collective asses last night. He got the first ball up and over the roof of the stadium and let the wind do the rest. The second ball, he crushed.

I don't think this team makes the playoffs, in part, because guys like Corey (Sammy, Alou, Nomar of late) play so poorly at times the teams looks like it will crash like a NASA experiment.

But if they are going to make it, Corey's gonna have to step it back up to numbers close to August. Last night was a step in the right direction.

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