Friday, September 24, 2004

Wild Card Update

It would have been nice if San Fran could have won last night. The Cubs are now +3 on the Astros. The Stros finish with 3 at Milwaukee, then 6 at home hosting St. Louis and Colorado. Clemens and Oswalt start two of those, each. A 7-2 finish for them means the Cubs need to go 6-4 to eliminate them.

As to the Giants, I hope they tank out. I'd much rather see LA in the playoffs than the Roid Monsters By The Bay. LA would also be an easier opponent should the Cubs get to face them. Only good can come from the LA/San Fran series this weekend, regardless who wins however many games.

So long as the Cubs continue to win.

The Cubs should slog out 5 wins in their next 7 games. They better. Anything less would be a colossal tanking. This playoff spot is theirs if they want it. It's not a given, they do have to earn it. Play like you are earning it.

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