Monday, October 04, 2004

Final Korey Stat of the Year

On August 23rd, I declared that Korey was dead. Boy, did I jinx him.

Since I decided to stop riding him like a "$2 whore" nas a poster suggested, here's Korey's stats:

In 161 at bats: BA - 0.205; OBP - 0.251; Slugging - 0.398; OPS - 0.649; HR - 7; RBI - 17.

Oh, and 53 strikeouts.

Extrapolating to a 631 at bat season (as many has he had in 2004), he projects to 27 homers, 66 RBI.

And 208 strikouts.

And in case you are wondering, 161 at bats is over a quarter of the season. Unacceptable from a major league hitter.

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