Friday, October 01, 2004

Hot Rumor!

The latest Rumor has Sammy Sosa going to the New York Mets and rejoining GM Omar Minaya. Sammy was first scouted by Minaya back in the late 80's in the Dominican.

This would be tremendous.

Losing Sammy would be the best thing that ever happened to this team. Look at this:

Salaries gone for 2005
Moises Alou - $7 million ($9mm base or $2mm buy out that I'm counting in 2005)
Matt Clement - $6mm
Alex Gonzalez / Nomar - $6mm.

Raises are due for several players in 2005. Maddux gets a $3mm raise to $9mm per year. Aramis Ramirez is gonna get about a $4mm raise to about $10mm per year. That means, of the contracts being cleared, only about $12mm is free for free agent spending. If you figure that Trib Co. may increase payroll, my guess that it may go up another $3mm to $5mm. Best case, $17mm for free agents. That gets you one of Beltran and Nomar/Renteria. Not both.

Now, add in $17mm from Sosa. all of a sudden, there's at least $29mm to spend AFTER PAYING RAMIREZ AND MADDUX.

Hello New Outfield. The money is now there for all three of Beltran, Drew AND a short stop. And looking at 2006, salaries for Remlinger, Borowski, and Mercker drop off. As does Maddux if he doesn't pitch 190 innings in 2005. There's plenty of ways to revamp this whole offense.

Go Sammy Go!

To the Big Apple!

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