Thursday, October 14, 2004


When George Bush said that Americans should save flu shots for the young and the elderly, was I the only person who thought of Jimmy Carter and his "turn off the lights and wear a sweater" response to the energy crisis?
Jim Hendry seems to have reasserted his control over the Cubs. Don't look at the firings of the training staff as firings of meaningless guys. Look at it combined with the firing of Wendell Kim. All the guys fired were Dusty's guys.

It looks to me that Hendry went to Dusty and said, "I backed you on the Steve Stone controversy. Here's what that costs: Kim and Groeschner."

The way Hendry fired the trainers was even classier. The guys were let go on Tuesday. The media didn't get wind of it until Wednesday, by then too late to ask embarassing questions of the men fired and of Dusty.

Bottom line: Dusty has a short leash. It's win or gone in 2005.

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