Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Lost Horizon

I see no way Sammy Sosa returns to the Cubs next year. Just think about what’s going on. Sosa is publicly calling out the manager. Dusty Baker is saying that Sosa needs to be in, "tip top shape mentally and physically next year," thereby implying that Sosa wasn’t in tip top shape all year. The general manager goes out and says that, "There’s no excuse for (not dressing for a game)."

But the topper: The Cubs released information that their security cameras caught Sosa leaving at 1:35 P.M. Sosa told the Suntimes that he left in the seventh inning.

For a media company to release to the media proof that one of their media stars is lying is huge. Oh, and they did it on Page 1 of the Chicago Tribune. Not Page 1 of the Sports section, Page 1. Right next to pictures of car bombs in Iraq.

This is Trib hard ball, and they play it better than just about anyone. Sosa has no idea what he’s up against. The Trib took down a commissioner. Sammy Sosa is small potatoes. If the Trib wants Sammy gone, he’ll be gone.

I wonder if Sammy’s 2006 option vests if the Cubs waive him and another team picks him up? That might be the way around the no trade clause. Cubs release Sosa. Mets claim him off waivers. Three weeks later, Mets trade Cliff Al Leiter to the Cubs for Kyle Farnsworth.

All clean, all done.

Hello Carlos Betran.

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