Saturday, October 16, 2004

Must Watch Download

Coattailing nicely with my last post, Jon Stewart carves up political pundits on an appearance on CNN's Crossfire. The best part is when he calls the hosts "hacks." These guys, Carlson and Begala, are. They accuse Stewart of not asking hard hitting questions on a comedy show?!?!

Stewart nails this. Instead of fomenting actual debate in this country, shows like Crossfire are simply outlets for the GOP and DNC to spout their propaganda. And these hosts facilitate it. If you have ever watched any of these shows, watch the video and see how Stewart carves them up. The links below all should work.

Oh, and don't miss the end when Stewart calls Tucker Carlson a dick.
Random Foo


Media Matters


BitFlood (need Bit Torrent to view)

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