Monday, October 18, 2004

Penny Pinching

The biggest news of the weekend for Cubs fans was the news from Anaheim that the Angels are looking to cut payroll. Phil Rogers has quotes from Bill Stoneman, the GM of the Angels. It seems that they could be contracting salary instead of expanding it. That's huge for several reasons.

First, it takes a potential target for Nomar off the table. If he wants to go to the West Coast, it has to be the Dodgers now. San Diego is not benching Kahlil Green for Nomar. Hell, I'd rather have Green than Nomar right now.

Second, it removes a potential destination for Sammy Sosa. That stinks. It looks like the Yankees or Mets will be the only options (I'll believe the Rangers are a target when the trade is announced). And, given fewer suitors, the Cubs will have to eat more of Sosa's salary than with more competition for his services.

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