Friday, October 08, 2004

Rooting Interests

On which team should the prodigious Cubs’ fan throw their hopes on in this post-season? Ranked from most want to lose to most want to win, I see it like this.

Houston – Yeah, I know the Cardinals are more hated, but Houston will have tremendous pressure on them to retain all their players should they win. That means facing Carlos Beltran 18 times per year. No, thank you. The Cardinals tried this on us with Scott Rolen and look how that worked out. Should the Astros bomb out, Drayton McClane will likely cut a bunch of payroll and effectively eliminate themselves from competing in 2005.

Cardinals – Beyond the obvious, a Cardinal collapse would lessen the pressure to bring back Edgar Renteria. Renteria should be the Cubs #2, or maybe even #1 free agent target. A World Series win would make Renteria be a "keeper" in the eyes of St. Loser management. I don’t want to see that happen.

Yankees – I don’t really hate the Yanks as much as I hate the Mike Greenberg chattering class that thinks the world loves the Yankees. We don’t. We like the Red Sox much more than the Yankees (although not as much more now as we did a few years ago). The real reason we want to see the Yanks lose is Sammy Sosa. Nothing gets the Big Stein to spend like losing. With Jason Giambi possibly done as a player, the Bombers may need a new power hitting DH. Any ideas where there may be one available?

Red Sox – They’ve become as obnoxious in the last 12 months as the Yankees. While they haven’t become as smug, they are becoming unlovable. Besides. Who wants WSPN to stop producing outstanding television like "Who is Cursed Worse?"

Dodgers – I don’t really have a problem with the Dodgers. It’s just that Los Angelinos don’t care about sports. They care about media events. LA residents already have the Oscars, the Golden Globes, and the Emmys. They don’t need the World Series. And they probably don’t know the difference.

Atlanta – Well, there needs to be an NL team in the Fall Classic. These guys are the least loathsome. By default.

Angels – Anaheim isn’t LA. And the Angels are fun to watch. Also, winning for them might encourage the new owner to spend a little more money. And that could be a destination for Sammy.

Twins – If Aramis Ramirez hadn’t emerged like he did, I’d be all over the Cubs trying to get Corey Koskie. I love watching that guy play. His team plays hard and smart just like him. How can you not want to see this guy win? And Johan Santana may be the best pitcher in the Game not named Prior or Zambrano.

Go Twinkies!

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