Monday, October 25, 2004


About 6 weeks ago, on another Cubs site that I frequent, I wrote the following under a silly pseudonym:

"In a market with Nomar Garciaparra, Orlando Cabrerra, and Edgar Renteria in it, Nomar’s market value is going to be lower than it was a year ago. And he'll be lower in market value than Renteria. In fact, should Caberra have a hot fall, Nomar could be third in terms of market value."

Looks like that was dead on. Paul Sullivan and the Boston Globe combine to shed some light on what may happen to Nomar. It looks to be a one year deal for him with either the Cubs or the Dodgers. The Dodgers would have to move Cesar Izturis to second to make room for Nomar.

For a one year deal, I see Nomar coming back to Chicago. That has huge ramifications for the Cubs. All of a sudden, committing huge dollars to Nomar doesn’t stand in the way of signing a Carlos Beltran.

But there are these continuing little snippets that Hendry wants Cabrera and Renteria more than he wants Nomar. And what we do know about the Cubs is that they regularly tip their hand through the media. Even though I see Nomar returning for a 1-year deal here, I’d say that it’s 50-50 at best that he actually returns.

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