Monday, October 18, 2004

She Said, She Said

We’ve examined John Stewart making a mockery of Tucker Carlson (and Paul Begala) on Crossfire. The video from tonight’s Daily Show show should be up on the Daily Show web site some time in the next few hours.

But what many of you may have missed is the pissing match between Anna Marie Cox (Wonkette) and Matt “I’m Gay Like Mary Cheney But I’m Outraged” Drudge. Any time some one shoves something unlubricated up Matt’s sphincter, it’s fun to watch. Check Wonkette and Drudge to see the latest sparks. If it wasn't Matt, I'd think Anna was in love!


LaRooosa is gonna lose. And the Cubs are gonna regret the Beltran trade and Barrett's outburst for years and years and years and years and years....

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