Monday, October 04, 2004

Sunday Night Viewing

What has ABC gone and done now? They've seriously turned up the tasty quotient on their Sunday night TV shows. First, I saw the Wife watching that new show, Desperate Housewives. I guess it's "Sex in the Suburbs With No Nudity Because This Isn't HBO." Well, the show boasts previous Ivy Chat looker Teri Hatcher and the "Sure Thing" aka Nicolette Sheridan (who hasn't aged very well).

But it also boasts a newbie to these eyes. Meet Eva Longoria.

Then, at 9:00, comes the spinoff of "The Practice," "Boston Legal." This show is kind of Ally McBeal with some decent boobs. Inlcuded are Rhona Mitra, who was the first real-life Lara Croft:

Oldie but goodie Monica Potter:

And mediocre face but nice low cut shirt each week Lake Bell.

If they are aiming shows for women but trying to attract men's eyeballs, it worked in this house.

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