Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Best Headline of the Day

From the Associated Press:
Dolphins Sorry Wannstedt Stepping Down

Yeah, Wanny was a sorry coach. Back in the day I was a huge Bear fan. I probably had a greater interest in the Bears than I did the Cubs. You knew that the Cubs weren't trying to do anything other than give the fans a sniff of success (so intimated once by Jim Dowdle).

The Bears, despite the Hand of Mike McCaskey, could be successful. There was a salary cap. There was a draft. The team had a good coach in Mike Ditka. The Team had a good GM in Jerry Vainisi.

Then, McCaskey fired Vainisi and took control of football operations. Then, Ditka was fired and Dave Wannstedt came. Wanny, on the advice of Jimmy Johnson, ask for complete control of the player personnel decisions. McCaskey granted the request.

That was the beginning of the end for me and the Bears. Yeah, I watched a lot of games and still had passion. Hell, I even started a "group" to Get Rid Of Wannstedt. But, the years of losing with no light at the end of the tunnel finally took its toll. Then, with the Cubs making their Wild Card run in 1998, their close call in 2001 and their long playoff run in 2003, my focus returned to my first love of baseball.

I don't watch the Bears much anymore. Maybe I will one day, but not right now. I've gotten to the age and stage in my life where the block of time from 12 to 3 for 16 fall Sundays is occupied with rugrats. That's a good thing, be sure. But I might not be so passive about the Bears had Wanny not killed off my interest.

I once wrote, years ago, that Wanny would be well suited to be a college coach. Rumors are that he may go to Pitt. I wish him well and success. But this man killed off my passion for a sports team in a way I never thought possible. I hope Dolphin fans don't suffer the same fate as me.

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