Friday, November 12, 2004

Buried Story

Hidden in today's Sun Times was this little article. I think they buried the real lede.

The gist of the story is that Kyle Farnsworth didn't dress for the last game of the season. My bet is that he wore his pajamas to work so that he could more easily take a nap. But, no where does it say he left early like Sammy So-long. And no where does it say that Farnsworth wasn't disciplined.

In short, who cares?

The meat was the quotes at the bottom from Kerry Wood via WSCR:

"It became hard for people to root for us,'' Wood said. ''Obviously, last year we made ourselves look pretty bad, and that's something we need to address."

Halleluyah! Kerry understands that this team was loathsome. I hope that he understands that he was a big part of it, being he was the first whiner in the infamous tantrum game against the Reds in mid-April.

The Cubs need to correct their attitude. At least one of the players understands that.

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