Wednesday, November 24, 2004

New Face at Black Rock

Dan Rather is finally calling it quits. I'd have an opinion on Dan's work and his exit if I ever watched the man. Rumors are swirling on whom to replace him. CBS needs to rebuild trust, fine some person who appeals to the younger viewers, and has a sharp mind for current events.

That means only one person.

Jon Stewart.

The Daily Show is brilliant, largely because Jon is. But he's also trusted. Check out this story in the New York Daily News. Jon will be the most trusted source for political news in the country among twenty year olds once Tom Brokaw retires (next month I think).

CBS could do much worse than Stewart. And not much better. He'd draw ratings. He'd be counter-programming to NBC and ABC. And the show would be brilliant. Yeah, the humor would go down a notch, but his ability to highlight hypocrisy in the news would gain a measure of attention that is sorely needed.

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