Monday, November 08, 2004


Sammy Sosa rummors are rampant with the MLB GM meetings starting today. The latest one has Sosa being traded to the Dodgers for Shaun Green. While I'd love to see this deal as Green is younger, is a free agent after this year, could save the Cubs as much as $10 million in Sosa release costs, and that I might get to sit next to Shaun next Yom Kippur, I don't think this one ahs any merrits.

I see no way "Moneyball Jr." Paul DePodesta trades for a guy on a three year downward spiral [HR (49, 40, 35); RC (121, 94, 68); OPS (.993, .911, .849)] like Sosa has been on.

This smells like a trial balloon being floated, nothing more.

The better story to follow will be the Troy Percival / Armando Benitez rumors. Percival seems to be the Cubs' guy because he'll be cheaper. Not the right reason to sign a guy. Also, watch Magglio Ordonez. Where he goes may have some bearing on Carlos Beltran as they both have Scott Boras as their agent.

Meadowlands Dumping

Look! A real football team! That said, does it look to you that Anthony Thomas runs like Steve Austin? The slow mo is there. All that's needed is the "chh-chh-chh-chh-chh" sound of the bionics.

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