Friday, November 19, 2004

Slow Friday

Plenty of actual work to do today. A Chicago area business is being lent a nice, tidy sum of cash today, courtesy my employer. This could result in creating access for me to productions of NFL, MLB and NBA games. More on that in future posts, no doubt.

Buster Olney chimes in with a column today on how the Mets would be making a mistake my trading for Sosa. He's right. Why couldn't he wait to publish this until AFTER the deal is completed?

As some talkbackers have noted, the White Sox are rumored to be interested in Kyle Farnsworth. Who would the Cubs want back for Farnsy? My only thought is Carlos Lee. The Cubs can afford him, they have an opening for his position, and the White Sox will move either Lee or Paul Konerko this winter. I could live with C Lee in left. I still need Beltran or Pierre in center. And if Patterson can't play right, then he needs to be traded.

Oh, hell. Patterson needs to be traded, regardless. But you frequent readers knew that.

Nice Seasons

My alma mater, Glenbrook North, finished its best season of football in 30 years last week. They lost 28-14 in the Illinois 7A quarterfinals to undefeated Libertyville. Nice run, guys.

And Captain Kirk Ferentz gets a nice love letter in today's Tribune. My Iowa Hawkeyes started rough, but have won six straight. I've got lunch bet on the Wisconsin game. Here's hoping that the check is paid for by UBS.

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