Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Too Young to be Moral

From the Chicago Tribune:

A 16-year-old Palestinian laden with explosives blew himself up Monday in a crowded outdoor market in Tel Aviv, killing three Israelis, wounding 32 and scattering body parts and blood-spattered vegetables on the ground. The bomber's mother said the militants who dispatched him were "immoral."
"It's immoral to send someone so young," said Samir Abdullah, 45, Alfar's mother. "They should have sent an adult who understands the meaning of his deeds."

So it's not that her son committing suicide to kill Jews was wrong. It's not that someone committing suicide to kill Jews was wrong. It's just that young people shouldn't commit suicide to kill Jews.

And these people are ready for their own state?

President Bush needs to stop talking about Palestinian Statehood until they deserve it. No other president did before him.

Over and Out

John Kerry did the right thing and conceded a little while ago. Good. Now, should I be happy that this goofball isn't going to be president or be sad that my family pays $1,000 per year in interest because the current president can't say "no" to more government spending?

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