Friday, December 03, 2004


If you've been over to the "old-new" message board at, you've no doubt come across the events of the last 24 hours. It seems Andy Dolan and the guys who run a rival pay-to-use site called Inside The Ivy have had a bit of a pissing match. Andy posted a response to an opinion posted on Inside the Ivy's message board. That response got Andy banned from accessing the board.

I've been known to frequent the Inside The Ivy board. I don't hide behind a fake name (ivychat1 was my ID). I also don't post. I don't think I have ever. If I have, it's been less than 10 times, no more recently than August. Well, I went over to the board to see what offended the Inside The Ivy so much. I posted Andy's own writing over on Desipio's boards (free access, all the time!).

Everything then escalated.

Some yokels came over to Andy's site and started carpetbombing his boards with silly posts and pictures. It was a barrel of laughs, I tell 'ya.

Well, about 30 minutes ago, I decided to check out Inside The Ivy and see if they were reacting to the Desipio hullabaloo. Guess what happened.

You have been banned from this Community
The administrator of this community has banned you from viewing and posting here. If you feel this is a mistake, please contact the administrator of the community you were trying to access. DO NOT contact ezboard support. This is between you and the community administrator(s).

Thank you.

Fun guys. Banning people who don't even post. That's fine.

Oh, they recently solicited me to subscribe to their pay-per-access service.

Yeah, their getting my Visa number.

Go from here to Desipio. And click on some ad banners when you get there.

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