Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Still Banned

Last week, after I was banned from CubsTalk.com / Insidetheivy.com, I wrote a very polite, one line e-mail to the operators of the site asking, "Why have I been banned from accessing the message boards?" Their response?


Well, yesterday I got an e-mail from CubsTalk / ITI soliciting me for their pay-for-access side of the service. Can you imaging the gall? They want me to PAY for a service that they ban me from and won't even have the courtesy to tell me why?

I wrote back to them the following letter today.

I am still waiting for a response as to why I was banned from the message boards. I have been unable to determine that I violated any terms of service.

Considering your company is still soliciting me for the "paid" side of your service, I'd like a timely response.

Chuck Gitles

Included was my e-mail address and my cell phone number. I highly doubt I'll get a response.

Now, the owners of this little outfit is a larger firm called Scout.com. I have been able to find the names of their executives, but unable to find a phone number for their offices. They seem to be a serious group of professionals. Let's see if I get a response from the minions. If not, I may go to the masters.

Oh, and if anyone knows the switchboard phone number for Scout.com (seems to be Seattle based), please leave it in the comments section for me. Thanks.

No response as of yet. But here's a funny. I'm getting hits on this blog from the InsideTheIvy.com board! Yes, people are able to see what I am writing via links created there, yet I can't reciprocate. Well, to all my new readers from CubsTalk, welcome! Please know that this is a free site that does not spam you for money. Uh, and we don't ban people from posting unless there is a really good reason. I can't think of one right now, but we'll get back to you.

Oh, and please click here for more up-to-date Cubs' info. Come back soon!

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