Monday, January 10, 2005

By Your Command

I watched the Battlestar Galactica mini series last year. I liked the way it was shot with the quick zooming camera, and the music during the battle scenes added a lot of tension without being obtrusive. I may even give the full series a shot when it premiers this week.

But one of the real appeals to the show was one Tricia Helfer (I’m sure you can see why). Tricia, better known for her Victoria Secret shoots, plays a Cylon named Number 6. What’s really cool about her character is that when she has sex, a red light goes up and down her bare back, just like the one that used to go back and forth where the Old Cylon’s eyes were.

I remain curious about her name. Number 6. Considering how often her character was involved in the seduction of Dr. Baltar, I wonder if this is a sneaky reference to a famous (and rather uncouth) line from Blazing Saddles?

I wonder if Ron Moore would do something like that?

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