Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Everyone Has Opinions -- Many Are Stupid

What is this world coming to? One Rabbi Daniel Lapin suggests Jews are self-loathing, self-defaming bunch? That the biggest threat to Jews in America comes from Woody Allen, Barbara Streisand, Ron Jeremy (yeah, I didn’t know he was Jewish either), Ruth Westheimer, Howard Stern, and Jerry Springer? These people are a threat because they entertain and use that medium to debase their religion. And that these people are engaged in "the coarsening of our culture."

The Rabbi then goes on to quote Mein Kampf where Adolf Hitler talks about how Jews were involved in "press, art, literature, and the theater." The suggestion is that Woody Allen et al are making Hitler right. That these actors/entertainers are the worst type of anti-Semitics because of their self-depricating humor enacted for the masses to witness.

Maybe the problem is that the Rabbi has just gone so far off the right wingnut deep end that can’t he can no longer bring himself to say "Meet the Fockers" and is looking for a way to hide his discomfort.

Quoting Hitler ain’t the way to do it.

Jon Rowe has an excellent deconstruction of the piece.

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