Sunday, March 20, 2005

Adding Page 2

Elaine Dickinson: Would you like something to read?
Lady: Do you have anything light?
Elaine Dickinson: How about this leaflet, "Famous Jewish Sports Legends?"
-Airplane! (1980)

Last night, in Peoria, a second page was added to that leaflet. Glenbrook North won it's first Illinois Class AA State basketball title. And they did it with a rather unexpected starting five, according to coach Dave Weber.

"I think we made some kind of history [Saturday night]," Weber said in reference to his all-Jewish starting lineup. "I don't think anyone ever thought kids like that from a place like Northbrook could win a state championship. We knew we had to overachieve, and we did."

Glenbrook North was something of an athletic afterthought for many years. Other than an upset football win in the early 70's (they beat Kellen Winslow's team) and a soccer and a few hockey club titles in the mid 80's, the school has basically limited is prowess to academics.

That started to change about 10 years ago when Chris Collins arrived to revive a sleepy basketball program. Now, the team has finally broken through. Led by Coach Weber and a starting lineup of Sean Wallis, Matt Gold, Zach Kelly, Jonathan Radke, and should-be-Mr.-Basketball Jonathan Scheyer, they brought home the title last night.

Mazel tov, men.

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