Friday, March 18, 2005

And The Was Much Rejoicing

The Tribune's Ed Sherman reports that Hub Arkush has been fired and will no longer be involved with Chicago Bears' broadcasts. For those of us who listen to the Bears on the radio, this is tremendously good news! Hub was a decent analyst during games who became an insufferable blowhard after the games once he was in the presence of players and coaches. The dichotomy in what he was willing to say to a mass audience compared to a player's face was disgusting.

Now, the Bears only need to make two more changes to their broadcasts. First, Jeff Joniak needs steroid treatments to get his voice about 3 octaves lower. Can he at least make it sound below the level of crowd noise? I can never hear him.

Second, broadcasts could really be improved by having a... um.... good team.

When Harry Dissed Marky

WMVP's Harry Teinowitz threw out a tease yesterday afternoon that Mark Prior will miss a month. Given that there is no word from the Cubs, from Mark, from doctors, or from any other source, Harry's spouting of such inflammatory, unsubstantiated rumors does a disservice to Cubs fans. If Harry were to read this I would advise him to watch what he says. I'd also like to ask him one question.

Why are you so optimistic?

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