Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Blame Game?

If there was one person I'd like to get to testify under oath, it would be Jim Hendry. Here's what I'd like to ask:

"At what point in tie were you aware that injuries to Mark Prior and Kerry Wood were chronic in not simply acute?"

It's very possible that Hendry never knew that these injuries had the possibility of being recurring. In fact, it's even likely. But there is a possibility that the Cubs' brain trust knew at some point over the last 6 to 12 months that these guys would face probable injuries in 2005. Not just the regular chance of injuries, mind you. Something more likely and more probable.

If that's true, then Hendry did the franchise and its fans a gross disservice by failing to keep Andy Sisco here. If there was upfront knowledge that two of the three rocks in the rotation could miss time, then Hendry had to do everything in his power to keep up the depth among the starters.

Letting two high-ceiling prospective starters go for nothing is gross negligence if Hendry had doctor's reports about deteriorating health on Prior and Wood.

I would like to know what Hendry knew and when he knew it.

Shaping Up Lousy

Korey Leading Off.
No Prior
No Wood.
Dusty still managing like a kid on a PlayStation.

Yeah, this is shaping up as a hell of a year.

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