Friday, March 11, 2005

Hoping, And Wishing, And Praying

When Steve Alford first came to the University of Iowa, there was great hope spread throughout Hawkeye Nation. We are getting an up and coming coach who did a solid job at a Direction School (Southwest Mizzou) who was a Big 10 All American? How can this be a bad thing?

Well, it's been a terrible thing. Not only has the program not developed, it has gone from the sleepy, somber days of Tom Davis to the continual handwringing of the present.

It's bad enough that Alford has been unable to win, but he's been unable to show any class. Steve has often been his own worst enemy. The ways he's defended the bad apples of his program do not paint a good picture of the university he represents.

It's time for Steve to move on. If an ass-whupping by Michigan State is needed to foment that process, so be it.

Iowa fans deserve better than this mope. Just look what Capt. Kirk has done with Iowa's football program. Ferentz doesn't need to ever share a stage with a guy like Alford.

Help us Mighty Spartans. End the misery.

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