Monday, March 14, 2005

Prime Time Reruns

On the rare occasion that I am in the car at 5:05 PM on your weekday evening, if you happen to flip on sports radio in this town looking to get some fix on the hot topic of the day, you really only have one choice: ESPN 1000.

The New Rick Telendar Show seems to use that time slot to go into a replay mode of some big interview from earlier in the day, sometimes, not even from Rick's show. "RICK TELENDAR: RELOADED" a segue screams.

Why would I want to listen to that? It's 5:00. Give me a summary of what you've been talking about. What are the hot stories. What's happened since I've been locked in my office crunching numbers.

Don't give me 10 minutes of talking to Paul Konerko.

WMVP does it right. They take the 5:00 segment to set up the rest of the show. They get the people just getting into their cars hooked by rattling off a series of topics that they will cover over the next two hours. It's live and it gets you interested in the rest of the show.

I'd give Telendar a chance, but I never hear anything that keeps me interested.

Perhaps that's why WSCR is getting burried in the ratings. They've lost me.

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