Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Riffing on Prior

Steve Stone fielded questions regarding Mark Prior on his Monday WSCR stint. His angle was quite simple: Prior had mechanics problems last year. By pitching him in a simulated game, instead of an exhibition game, Larry Rothschild can stand on the mound with Prior and watch him up close and correct any flaws in delivery on the fly.

If this is all that’s going on, fine by me. It’s just that Prior’s never been healthy for a full season (yeah, crashing into Marcus Giles is different, but it counts). Until he takes the mound Thursday and pumps 30 fastballs into Henry Blanco’s glove, I will remain mervous. Or nervous.


Random Jotting

...Welcome back, Sweaty Joe Borowski.

...NYPD Blue, which went out with a whimper, is being replaced by a show featuring a blind detective. Who carries a gun. Yeah, that makes boatloads of sense.

...24 fell off a cliff in the last 1 hour and 1 minute. Why kill off the CTU director's daughter? An EMP to wipe out all electrical function in a square mile of downtown LA? Set off by a company to "protect" itself? While it's nice to see Tony, and now Michelle, back, the writing needs to tighten up.

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