Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Something About Jerry

Jerry Hairston was 4 for 5 yesterday (s singles). He's clearly been the surprise of the spring with his consistency at the plate. What's funny is that Dusty Baker nearly refuses to talk about him. Could that be because the two people that Jerry could replace in the lineup are two people having brutal springs? Those two would be Todd Walker and Korey.

Now, I'm not as worried about Todd as I am about Korey. Todd has a track record of being a good hitter. Korey has a track record of hitting everything for 4 weeks and then flailing at everything for the next 5 weeks. So why doesn't Dusty want to upset either of these guys? Walker is a hard ass and Korey, if you believe what Steve Stone says, is close to uncoachable (Stone said that Korey refuses to listen ways to change his approach to hitting).

Hairston deserves a starting spot, and deserves to leadoff. Unless Jerry's destined to replace Hollandsworth in left, it's Korey and Todd who would sit. Would Dusty really put clubhouse cohesiveness above placing the best team on the field? All I know is that if this team starts to lose and the players perceive that there are better players stuck on the bench, the clubhouse will become an acid place regardless if Korey and Todd get placated with playing time.

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