Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Whom to Get

While the world is busy psychoanalyzing Barry Bonds and whether or not his son was sending a message by wearing a Barry Sanders jersey, those of us worried about winning on the field have other concerns. After Barry goes to jail for income tax evasion (ask any banker why he was passing cash in wads of $9,000 and you'll understand why Barry stands a good chance of going "inside for all day"), all that will be left is...


With JoeBo out until the ivy is green, the Cubs must turn to other sources for a closer. Typical SOP for this club and Jim Hendry. Hendry runs this club like it's a TJ Maxx -- he tries to get the max for the minimum. Why add extra pieces when they are available if you don't need them at the time? Who needs Ugy Urbina or Try Percival? We've got LaTroy and Joe. What? One of them got hurt? Crap. Now we've got to give up actual prospects to fill a hole?

Well, now that Hendry has made the Cubs bed, I can think of a team that might be willing to sell the Cubs the sheets and pillows. That would be the Devil Rays.

Tampa has three players I would love to acquire. They would be: Aubrey Huff, Carl Crawford, and Danys Baez. The problem with the Cubs getting any of them is that they are all relatively cheap in terms of salary. Crawford would be a legit leadoff hitter and could play center or left. Huff would play corner outfielder and spell D Lee at first on occasion. Baez seems to be a solid closer. To get all of them would require unloading a ton of prospects.

Crawford is the anti-Korey pipe dream, so let’s ignore him. Huff is a year away from free agency. He’s expendable from the Rays perspective, but he’s also a valuable bargaining chip. He won’t be cheap. Baez isn’t considered a top closer so the premium you pay to get him is minimal.

If it’s me, I call down and try to get all three for a package of Patterson, Guzman, Dopriak and Pie. Yes, I go all in. But that’s me. Mr. Vegas.

That also won’t happen.

What does it take to get Huff and Baez, either individually or collectively?


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