Monday, April 25, 2005

A Quick Shout...

Mike D over at 97 Years and Counting, was gracious enough to host Oleg, the Uncouth Sloth and your truly in section 204 over at the Frozen Confines yesterday. We saw everything one expects to see at a game: Neifi Perez hitting a homer into the wind, a Kerry Wood injury, no Korey in center to start, and a Cubs win.

In what may have been a Wrigley First, when Korey bunt singled, advanced to second, and scored on a Neifi RBI single, multiple chants of "FYC! FYC!" could be heard. Let's hope it's heard more often.

I wish I could show you a picture of the 4 of us sitting at the game, but you aren't interested in that. Instead, we offer Erica Durance of the WB's Smallville. She's better known as Lois Lane.

Sorry, Slothy. She's over 21 and hitched. Back to the drawing board.

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