Tuesday, April 05, 2005

So Far, So Good

If you are new to this page, you won't get much backwards looking analysis. You can get that elsewhere. Ivy Chat tries to only look forward and project how what happens today will affect tomorrow.

So, now that I've said that, here's yesterday's wrap up. Everything went right yesterday. From the pregame signing of a properly incentive laden contract for Aramis Ramires, to the leadoff hit (and later walk) by Corey Patterson, to everyone in the lineup getting into the hit parade.

Did I say everything? Almost. Carlos Zambrano decided that 2004's whining at umpires was something that needed to be carried over into 2005. Now, I love Zamboni as much as the next heterosexual male. I think he's the best pitcher in the NL so long as Prior can't be counted on. But if he starts baiting the umps now, his strike zone is gonna be tighter that James Bond's midsection did after his encounter with Xenia Onatop (Famke Janssen). Just shut up and save that crap for Barry Bonds. Go after your opponents, Z, not the umps.

Looking at the April schedule, I figure a good month for the Cubs would be 15-9. Only 14 more wins to go.

Where to Watch

Yesterday, WGN. Today, Comcast Sports Net Plus. Note: This may actually be CLTV on your system. Tomorrow, plain old Comcast Sports Net.

Can't the Cubs pick one single channel and stick with it?

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