Thursday, April 14, 2005

A Tale Of Two Pitchers

Look at these two images and you can just tell what kind of day each had:
If I look at the bullpen, will they think I'm Matt Clement? You are mine... All mine!  Muwhahahaha!
This page is of the opinion that, if the Cubs get off to a poor start (of which they are on their way), the fans will be looking for new whipping boys given the departures of Sammy Sosa, Moises Alou, Kent Mercker and Matt Clement. This page is also of the opinion that fans will start to aim their ire at Kerry Wood and Corey Patterson.

The Kerry Wood chirping is already beginning. Yesterday evening, WMVP spent at least one segment on the topic. Harry Teinowitz defended Kerry Wood from his co-host (the likely WSCR bound Dan McMeil) and callers who said that Wood doesn't deserve the street cred he has.

Today, Jay Mariotti uses the insight of a turkey in late November and sees this trend. He hops right on board (Jay NEVER does this...) and suggests that the boos Wood heard might be aleviated by a trade.

Barry Rozner goes the "celebrity endorsement" route on Wood getting quotes from Rick Sutcliffe. Sutcliffe doesn't deny that Wood is overrated. In fact, he essentially confirms it. When you say, "There are just too many guys who didn't figure it out until they were 27 or 28," you are saying that Wood hasn't figured it out yet.

This page agrees with Sutcliffe. Kerry Wood cannot be counted on as much more than a .500 pitcher. Until further notice, Kerry Wood is as reliable as ex-Cub farmhand John Garland. Sure, Wood has better stuff than Garland. The problem is that stuff only shows up every so often. Fans are starting to figure this out. You can only live on two playoff performances and being 7 years removed from a 20 strikeout game for so long.

With the solid return of Mark Prior and the presence of ace Carlos Zambrano, the Cubs may be able to survive with Wood as their #3 starter. They clearly can with Wood as the #4 starter, although that will require Greg Maddux to do what Derrick Lee is doing and pretend the calendar says "June."

Let's hope the fans don't turn on Wood. He seems to be a good guy. Maybe the fans would be placated by just giving Wood some pitching tips. Wood suggested that if fans have tips for him, "Write me letters. Teach me how to pitch." Great idea. Maybe Kerry will learn something and it might be a good way for the fans to vent some frustration. If you have a tip for Wood, here's where to send them:

Pitching Tips
c/o Chicago National League Ball Club
1060 West Addison
Chicago, IL 60657
Attn: K. Wood

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