Friday, April 15, 2005

Time to Get Well

On to Pittsburgh and three games against the current cellar dwellars of the NL-Central. This is followed by 3 in Cinci, 2 in St. Loser and then 6 at home against Pitt and Cinci. This is the part of the schedule the Cubs need to use to make up some ground. A sweep of Pittsburgh gets them back on track, while losing two would make the grumbling of the fans and media loud and vociferous. Beyond this weekend, there are only four games left on the schedule for the month against teams that will likley have winning records at the end of the year.

Given the blown opportunities at Arizona and against San Diego, the Cubs need to do better and 4-3 on the road trip. A 4-3 trip is what one would expect of a contending team. Be clear, a contending team doesn't mean it will make the playoffs. A 5-2 trip is what one expects of a team that will win a division.

It's time for this team to perform beyond expectations. They haven't done that since September 2003.

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