Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Wood Hits The Fan

It sure looks like Mark Prior is Mark Prior again. In 13 innings, the man... excuse me. The Man has given up one run, none earned. It's safe to say that he can be counted on again. Let's be clear. I don't mean that he's back from his preseason injury. This page knew all along that it was a minor injury (no matter what some people think I think). I mean that he's back from the inconsistency he showed at times last year. With Mark Prior back, Zamboni sure to calm down, and Greg Maddux looking like he's found his groove, the starting pitching seems to be taking care of itself.

Them, there's Kerry Wood. The Trib reports that Kerry went "Farnsworth" on some dugout equipment (no electric fans) after being pulled from Monday's game. Nice to see Kerry take some frustration out on pine tar rags instead of umpires.

What has me curious is the part of the report that says TV cameras recorded the incident, but that Comcast SportsNet chose not to show the footage.

Why would they choose not to show sensational footage like that? Could it be that Dusty Baker's media blaming/bashing is having a chilling effect? If Comcast shows the footage, does Dusty Baker make an issue of it on his post game interview? Does new Tribune partner Comcast not want to take the heat?

Very interesting!

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