Tuesday, May 17, 2005

And So It Begins...

The Phillies, who are only one game worse than the Cubs relative to .500, are getting ready to unload their whole team. The key name that anyone in their right mind would want to acquire from the Phillies remains the 2005 Must Have Guy - Billy Wagner.

Jim Hendry cannot afford to allow this man to be traded to the NL Central division. Too many times has Jim screwed the pooch by letting good teams get great players while the Cubs get potential (Ramirez) or reclamation projects (Nomar).

First, there was Scott Rolen. He was acquired by the Cards for a song. That is, if you can call Placido Polanco, Mike Timlin, and Bud Smith a song.

Then, came Carlos Beltran. We all recall what the Astros did last year. And whom they beat for the Wild Card.

Finally, the Cards got Larry Walker. How would he look instead of Todd Hollandsworth right now?

If Billy Wagner becomes a Cardinal, the Cubs won't just regret it for this year. They'll regret it for 5 years.

And, if Billy Wagner becomes a Cardinal, Jim Hendry should be fired for negligence. No two ways about it. Timidity is not a virtue.

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