Wednesday, May 04, 2005

"'s not going to help me or the team."

"Everyone knows I'm pretty easy-going and rarely do I argue. I knew when I threw my helmet that I was going to get ejected. Sometimes you have to stick up for yourself, even though it's not going to help me or the team. It wasn't one of those plays where it could go either way. I was definitely safe." - Corey Patterson on why he threw his helmet on May 3, 2005 versus the Brewers.

This page has long argued that Korey Patterson is a bust. He's a bad ball player who doesn't understand the game of baseball. He doesn't understand a strike zone. He doesn't understand how to hustle. He doesn't understand that the goal is to win, regardless of your personal stats and rank in the batting order.

This page has, at times, taken a lot of heat for this view.

How anyone can continue to defend this whinny little boy any longer goes beyond rational thought.

He is as selfish as they come. It's always been assumed that Korey makes statements like, "I'm a number 3 hitter," because he wants a contract that's commensurate with a number three hitter. Now, it's clear that it's more than just dollars that drive Korey. It's ego.

For this little boy to throw his helmet and face suspension on a play that he admits "could go either way" is the height of arrogance.

If you are one who wants to blame Dusty Baker for this (yes you, Mike Murphy) rewatch the incident. Korey was already on his way back to the dugout when he threw his helmet. Dusty did his job. He got his player away from the umpire and kept him in the game. Korey decided that he needed to make a statement to protect himself despite the detrimental effect it might have on the team.

That's a capital offense as far as this page goes.

Ivy Chat always hoped that Korey would one day figure it out and that he would become a player that could be admired.

No longer.

The Felix Pie countdown begins today.

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